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Heart Throb

Join the writers at #MFRWHooks here       Mine is a sensual romance with two people who don't want to fall in love

Magda Malone likes men and has no desire to marry. She’s been there, done that and got burned. She’s happy with her position as coordinator of the cardiac unit at the hospital. A new neighbor promises many nights of steamy sex. Damon also has no desire for marriage. He had too many steps as a child and sees marriage as a serial sort of game. He doesn’t want to play. When Magda learns he’s a cardiologist, she blows him off. The problem is Damon has fallen in love and he must convince Magda there’s more between them than sex.


This was the first book I've read by Janet Lane Walters, but it definitely won't be my last. As you can see the cover is eye-catching and the story did not disappoint. Heart Throbs is steamy, exciting, enjoyable and entertaining.

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            Sucking in a deep breath, she turned to her colleague and friend.  At the moment, she wasn’t sure friend was operative.  “Would you repeat your question?”

            “Could you come to dinner tonight?”  the cardiologist asked.
            That wasn’t the portion of the original question she wanted to hear.  “I believe there was more.”
            “Like I said.  Nothing formal.  It’s not a party or anything.”
            “Come on.  Say what you said before.  I need to be sure I’m not going deaf.”
            “Lin and I want you to meet my new partner.  He’s her cousin and a really great guy.”
            Magda glared.  “Ben, I’m not letting you off the hook.  What did you want me to do with this man?”
            He studied his hands.  “Was just a suggestion, not an order.”
            “And that was?”
            “You can show him a good time.”  He joined her at the window.
            She arched a brow.  “A good time as in...”  Her voice trailed away.  She thought she had grasped his suggestion, but she wanted to hear the words repeated.  Then she would stomp.  “Does your wife know you’re soliciting?”
            “What?”  His round face reddened.  “That’s not what I...well, maybe...just...couldn’t you make him happy to be in Rivertown?  If you two don’t click, you could show him around scene.  You know what I mean.  Lin and I want him to settle here.”
            Magda shook her head.  “Spit it out, Doctor.”  Anger oozed from the dark corner and colored her voice.  “Just how do I accomplish your purpose?”
            He stared at the window.  “Anything it takes.”
            “No deal.”  She clipped the words.  Would he understand why she was so angry?
            “Mag, come on.  Wasn’t I there for you when you needed a shoulder.  I need a partner who will stay, especially now.”
            Magda sighed.  Ben and Linda had been there when she’d needed them, but he was asking for too much.  “Why me?”
            “Men like you.  You like them and --”
            “Don’t say it.”  She stalked to the desk and stared at the stack of folders needing her attention.  “I don’t want to lose a good friend, but you’re treading on the brink.”
            “I didn’t mean you had know...”
            She rested her hands on the cool metal surface.  “Let us set the record straight.  I choose the men I want in my life.  I don’t need anyone, not even a good friend, fixing me up with a man.”

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McKenna Dean said...

I like Magda! She's not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. :-)

Daryl Devoré said...

oooh - she's awesome when she's angry. :-)

AuthorSuite Blog said...

A beautiful scene, and a curious one too, but then the heart doesn't bow to anyone's command.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a great setup for a book. Lots of potential convflict.

Unknown said...

Whoa! Fireworks and I don't blame her. But I can see where this might go, even with such a bad start!

The cover is really great!

Tena Stetler said...

I love strong women in a story. Magdal fits the bill to a T. Sounds like a great book. Let the fireworks begin. LOL