Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Tuesday's Writer's Tip What's Your Style #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Style #writing

There are some authors who have such a distinct style of writing you could know they'd written those stories even without seeing their names.  So how do you develop your style and what does that have to do with revision?  I once found this site that I used several times. What you did was post a paragraph of your story and it would let you know whose style your writing favored. Since I write in a number of genres, I came up with four different writers that my style resembled. That's when I discovered I might have developed my own style. Or perhaps I hadn't but had a different style for each of my genres.

Your own style sets up the way you tell the story. Style shows the tone of the story. Given a short scenario to a number of authors, different stories would emerge. The time, place, characters mean different things to different people. This is the basis of style. The way you blend the words and the words you choose help set your style.

Style will keep the story flowing from beginning, through the middle and to the end.

Your style is developed through the stories you've read. This is especially true if you read many different writers in many genres. If you only read one kind of story and one type of author, your style will emerge with these qualities. Listening to the way people talk and the way their bodies react when they talk also helps develop your style. In the beginning, your style may reflect the last author you
read. Asyou read more and more and as you write more and more, your style will emerge. During the process of revision, your style will slowly let you change words, the length of sentence or the sequence of a scene and slowly your personal style will emerge.

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This snippet is really revealing of the character, Janet.