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The Taurus Scorpio Connection (Opposites In Love Book 2)

Her mother was a hired nanny and her father the Mellwood Bank. This is the way Taurus Laurel Richmond describes her family. After burning out as a nurse with an international health agency, she returns to Eastlake, the one place she where she felt connected. She studied nursing here and made a number of friends. Her one problem is her wealth. Soon she will receive a fortune. But money hasn’t given her the things she wants, a home, a family and love. Since a chance visit after summer camp with a friend made there, her idea of a man to love has been Alex Carter.

Alex Carter is a Scorpio, a single dad with a five year old son. He’s a general practitioner at Eastlake Community Hospital. While attracted to Laurel, he has one problem. His ex and now dead wife had a lot of money and little sense. Drugs and her fast friends were her life. She abandoned their son who cried for hours until his father returned. Alex has no love for women with money. Attraction or not he refuses to admit he’s falling for Laurel.

With the help of Alex’s son, Laurel sets out to prove to Alex she’s in town for the long haul and she will make the perfect wife and mother.

Janet Lane Walters has written a charming tale.
As a child, Laurel Richmond was trapped in a car with her dead parents for hours. After losing them, Laurel's next of kin was a bank. Laurel hides her immense wealth, traveling internationally as a nurse, helping the sick. She decides to settle in Eastlake, a small community.

She once summered with her friend Megan, developing a huge crush on Megan's brother, Alex, who is now a divorced doctor raising his young son Johnny. Alex is leary of wealth because his rich ex-wife had no time for him or Johnny, but Johnny takes to Laurel right away.

The glimpses of a family life that Laurel experiences with Johnny and Alex leave her longing for her dreams to become reality. Can she get Alex to realize that money may bring power, but love offers peace?

Rosemary Morris
5.0 out of 5 stars A Wealthy Orphans Need for a Home and Family
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 28, 2018
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Ms Lane-Walters is conversant with hospitals and hospital procedures. In this interesting medical romance, she returns to Eastlake Community Hospital in which the first of the series was set. Exhausted, Laurel,whose star sign is Taurus, is an heiress orphaned in tragic circumstances when she was three-years-old. She leaves India, where she has been working for International Health Rescue Mission as part of a team following disasters, dispensing care and training health workers. She has fled from Neil Browne who asked her to marry him, but she did not want all he has
 to offer her, a roving life. When she arrives in America with the hope of finding a permanent home, Alex Carter, her friend Megan’s brother collects her from the airport. Within next to no time she collapses and is admitted to hospital suffering from pneumonia. Alex, a doctor, father of five-year-old Johnny, is still angry after his divorce and his former wife’s death. There is no room in his life for another spoiled, selfish rich woman so it’s useless for Megan to match make. This is an intriguing novel about two characters with problems which need to be resolved, and Alex’s
 delightful, but insecure young son, who adores his father and is traumatised by the loss of his mother. The Taurus Scorpio Connection is a story to relax with and enjoy it.

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