Thursday, June 18, 2020

Thursday's Fifth Scene from Tangled Dreams #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #romance #contemporary

On an impulse, before heading to Pediatrics, she stopped in the gift shop. On a table she saw a selection of books for children. One titled Escape Affinities Book interested her. She read a bit and wondered if the reading level was right for an eight year old.  Would Davey like the story? Hints of magical powers fascinated her. The book was part of a series. She purchased the volume and wrote a note inside.
With the book in hand, she rode the elevator to the fourth floor and stopped at the nurses’ station. One of the women waved. “We’ve a new admission. Davey Quinn, room 401. He might be perfect for your study. I can give you his father’s contact information. Mr. Quinn should be here soon.” She paused. “Man was a wreck. He filled out papers and left in a rush.”
“I’ll wait, I guess.” Janine said. No sense asking for details. Because of the HIPPA regulations, the nurse couldn’t say much. Janine turned away. What now?
When the nurses became busy, she walked down the hall and stopped at the room. She glanced inside. Davey sat against the pillows staring at the television. She tapped on the door. “Are you Davey Quinn?”
“Yes.” He met her gaze.
Janine swallowed. His eyes were the same shade of blue as hers. His blond hair was a shade darker. A vise gripped her heart. All she could do was stare.
“You okay?” he asked.
She smiled. “Do you mind if I visit for a few minutes?” She didn’t want to leave. If his father’s arrived while she was here, so be it.
“Sure.” He flicked off the television. “Boring here.”
“I brought a book you might enjoy.”
He grinned. “I like to read. I’m in the advanced class at school.” He took the book. “Wow, it’s big.”

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