Friday, June 5, 2020

Paul Doucette is Visiting and Talking About Who He Was Before #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #seaman #photographer

My life before writing.

            I have worked and lived in many countries throughout a varied career in International Transportation. In my youth I served as a merchant seaman for twelve years. These life experiences have contributed greatly to my world view and understanding of humans.
            Later, I had the opportunity to explore my artistic side,enjoying a short career as a fine art black and white photographer with modest success. Now retired I have decided to pursue a new career as a writer.

My genres

            I remember a credo espoused by my English Profeeor: WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW. I have always enjoyed reading mysteries and suspence novels as well as fantasy. I opted for the former as my genre to write in.
            I have written three series to date:
            The first is a about private detective named Matt Murphy set in Greenwich Village
            during the 1960s  (7 stories);
            the second, the Red Sun Series (3 stories), set during the Second World war in the
            Pacific and follows the missions of Paul Jarvis, an agent with the Counter Intelligence
            Corps and,
            the third series follows a police detective named John Robichaud (3 stories) set in
            Halifax, Nova Scotia during WWII.

            I am presently seventy-two years old and live in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Latest release

            My latest release with BWL is titled: The Evil Men Do – A John Robichaud Mystery

Next story

            I am presently working on the fourth Robichaud story, titled: The Body In Room 103.


            My main influences have been authors such as: Robert B Parker, Stuart Kaminsky, Mickey Spillane, James LeeBurke, etc. I favor stories that are dialogue and character driven, hence my writing style which relies on these features and less on narrative. I think that this method is best to invite the reader into the story as a mute member of the cast.

How to reach me

            I can be reached by email at – I am also on the BWL Facebook network as set up by Betty Anne Harris.

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