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Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Paul Doucette #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #mysteries #Halifax

Murder on the Docks (Detective John Robichaud Mysteries Book 1)

Blurbs – John Robichaud Mysteries published by BWL 


            It wasn't as if there was a shortage of killing going on, what with the war and all, Detective John Robichaud thought when he received a call that a body was found floating just outside the harbour with a bullet hole in the back of it's head.
            Robichaud recognized the body right away. He had seen a report sent to the police from Naval Intelligence with a full description of the man. Denny Cafferty. Newly arrived from Ireland and a suspected IRA member. Robichaud knew that the IRA wasn't active here and there wasn't a large community of Irish either. According to the report, MI5 in England had uncovered evidence that the IRA have aligned with the Nazis, so Cafferty's presence here could spell trouble.
            Our intelligence people have suspected that there is a German spy operating somewhere in the area. They also believed that Cafferty might be in contact with them. Turns out they were right.   

            The war was now in its second year. The city was still adjusting to the increasing number of ships, men and materials arriving and departing on a daily basis. The pressure was constant on the police force to maintain a degree of order as sailors, soldiers and merchant men flooded the streets looking for anything to distract them from the perils they faced.
            It was cold and wet; just another typical March morning in Halifax when the body of a longshoreman was found far from the docks lying in an empty field in Greenbank.
            Detective John Robichaud arrived on the scene and, as he examines the body, shakes his head with a sense of anger. Isn't there enough death and killing, he thought as he examines the body. He realizes he has another murder on his hands. He also spots the tin button worn by the longshoremen working the docks.
            Little did he realize that this button would lead him to the city's biggest criminal operations.


            It never rains but it pours as the old saw goes. It looked like the truth of this saying was about to play out for Robie and his partner, Pete Duncan.
            First on their plate was the discovery of a young teenage girl who had been raped. She was found by a night patrolman lying behind bushes on Chebucto Road. Next, Robie is sent to investigate an accident on a ship in for repairs in which a man died. He soon uncovers a conspiracy by local businessmen to use inferior materials, and last, Pete goes after moonshiners who are peddling poison booze through local bootleggers.
            War brings out the best in people at times: heroism, sacrifice; while in others only evil and opportunism. Robie and Pete relentlessly pursue the three cases with a sense of anger and determination

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