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Forgotten Dreams (Moonchild Book 5)

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Chad Morgan is tired of his Hollywood life and his role as action hero Storm. He's ignoring the contracts for two more movies in the franchise. He wants to take a different direction and make a movie of his friend's book. He has bought the rights. But his agent and the studio want more Storm. His personal life is also bouncing from one woman to another. His thoughts have turned to Emma Grassi, the woman he left behind in his quest for fame. He decides to return to Fern Lake and speak to his friend and renew his friendship with Emma.

Emma is now a nurse practitioner sharing an office with her doctor friend. She has waited for Chad to return and has decided this isn't going to happen. She's decided to confront him and put an end to the dream she has remembered and he has forgotten. Life takes a twist when Chad 's auto accident on the outskirts of Fern Lake bring them together. She wants out. He wants in.

Chad strode to his car. He wasn’t toeing any line, not as Storm. Hollywood no longer held the glamour he’d embraced ten years ago when he’d arrived. He could have chosen a different road. His athletic abilities could have earned him a college scholarship but the acting virus had invaded his life. Four years of drama in high school and multiple roles in the local theater group had brought him here.
He’d followed that dream but there had been other dreams. Could he find them again? Smiling chocolate eyes in a lovely face surrounded by dark curls flashed in his thoughts. Had she found a dream different from the one they’d shared and he’d forgotten? He slid behind the wheel and drove to his large and lonely home behind stone walls. There were decisions to be made but not tonight. He would remember her…Emma.
In an unusual move, the moment he reached the house, he mixed a second rum and cola.

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Daryl Devoré said...

so sad - drove to his large and lonely home behind stone walls.

Kayelle Allen said...

the second rum and cola won't do much more for him than the first. :O

Tena Stetler said...

I have to agree with Kayelle, another rum and cola is not the answer. But what is? Good hook. Enjoyed the blurb and excerpt. Thanks for sharing!

Dee S Knight and Anne Krist said...

This is a great excerpt. Conflict is immediately apparent, but what's the solution? Can you go home again??