Thursday, June 11, 2020

Thursday's Fifth Scene Rekindled Dreams #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Romance #Cop

Simon stood at the counter of the car rental agency and felt as though he signed his life away. A sleepless night had found him regretting the agreement to return to Fern Lake for the funeral. He’d left so much unfinished when he’d walked away like a spoiled brat. Couldn’t change the past was a given.
He leaned toward the clerk. If the man didn’t stop the sales pitch soon, the anger bubbling toward the surface would erupt in an angry tirade.
“I don’t want a SUV.  I’m not going on a road trip. Just a regular car. The one I called about.” He slapped his card on the Formica counter surface.
The clerk smiled. “What about a luxury sedan? We have one equipped with every gadget you could want.”
Simon’s jaw clenched. “A mid-sized sedan. The one I ordered last evening.” He groaned. Why had he agreed to go back for the funeral of a man who had treated him like dirt?
“When was the last time you drove in the city?”
Since most of the drive would be on an interstate, Simon felt a burn of anger. The question was useless. “Last month. Car provided by my employer.” Former but he wasn’t about to mention that to a stranger. He wished he’d had his badge to slap on the counter.
The man ran the license and swiped the credit card. “Driving record is clean. Card is good. When will you return the car?”
“Thursday evening or Friday morning.”
The man slid a set of keys across the counter. “The gray sedan out front. Just sign and the ride is yours.”
Simon glanced over the terms and signed. He grabbed his luggage and strode outside. After loading his bag, suit and sports coat, he got behind the wheel and eased into city traffic.
Before long he hit the interstate and aimed the car for Fern Lake. Each time the odometer registered another ten miles the knot in his gut tightened. He couldn’t decide if he moved forward or back. Maybe neither. He tried not to think about his reason for leaving town the day after he’d graduated second in his class. He’d given up a college scholarship and signed up for a tour in the marines. He’d aced those tests and spent a miserable tour in the service. Dashing into situations without thinking seemed in his nature.
A memory tickled. A female he’d dated had nailed him completely. Her face was blurred but her words were clear. “You’re an Aries.”
“Means you charge into situations sword in hand.”
She’d been right. She’s also mentioned his lack of tolerance for assholes and that he didn’t like having a boss. That was why he had no job to keep him from visiting a place he wanted to avoid.

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