Monday, January 22, 2018

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWAuthor #Poem #Writing

Meander 1  Poem - Hawk

There is a hawk that soars and flies
In a little piece of my sky
I see from the window.

He lives his life as it was meant.
I'm trying to be as he is
Surveying from on high

To be myself, to swoop and soar
And keep from being captured
In rhythms not my own.

Meander 2 - On Being Tired - When I'm tired, my mind works in strange ways. Sometimes I see things that aren't there or even hear them. It's kind of scary and I know what I see are shadows with light moving between them. The strange sounds are often the usual night sounds but they change when the tired mind tries to figure what is going on. Sometimes in this state, ideas crystalize into a story I remember when I really wake.

Meander 3 - Writing - Moving forward with the Leo Aquarian story and though I have a lot to do, I think I'll be ready when the time comes. Before April first is when or before. That will happen, I'm sure.

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