Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thursday's Third Scene from Murder and Sweet Tea #MFRWauthor #Small town #Hudson Valley #New York

The next morning when Sarah and Maria left after our coffee time, I walked with them to the corner and turned toward the library. Robespierre walked with us and followed Maria and the stroller across the street. My cat has been enamored of the toddler since Maria and Paul had returned from Spain with their adopted son. The fascination was mutual.
Ten minutes later, I paused on the steps of the stone building housing the library. A reluctance to enter held me on the first step. Foolishness. Those words repelled me inside. My gaze traveled upward to the head librarian’s office. My shoulder muscles tightened.
Enough. The former occupant of that room was in a mental hospital. I doubt she would ever leave. Facing what she’d done wasn’t Judith’s nature.
I went to the fiction section and searched for Sabrina Gates. Finally I found a single volume and carried my selection to the desk. The young woman seated at the desk smiled.
“Good choice. We have four copies of each of her books. They fly off the shelves constantly.” She paused and studied me.  “Do you really want to read this? Her books are very explicit.”
I arched an eyebrow. “As in how bodied become dead.”
She nodded. “There are some gruesome deaths and also some very hot sex.”
Laughter rippled through me. “I believe I can handle that.”  I tucked the book under my arm and headed home. I could handle murder and sex with little problem.
When I reached the house, I discovered a note from Lars. “Gone golfing. See you at dinner.”
Being released from the need to socialize, I filled a large glass with iced mint tea and settled in my recliner to begin the book. By the second page I was drawn into the story.
Halfway through the book, Lars returned. He waved a hand before my face. “Earth to Kate. Must be a good book.”
I put the volume down. “Though it’s not what I usually read, it’s very good. The author will be our new neighbor.”
He lifted the book from the table and read the back cover. “So you’ve solved the mystery of who is moving in.”
Death follows Nanette Gordon as she fights her opposition for control of her father’s company. Andrew Miliken appears but is he friend or foe? Only time will tell.
Sabrina Gates’ first novel brings a tense and tightly woven adventure. Her childhood home in Savannah is woven into the story.
“You’ll need to read when I’ve finished.”
He chuckled. “Keep reading. This is a much better way to experience murder than in finding bodies.”
My laughter joined his. And these are all part of a writer’s imagination.”
“Let’s pray your remains out of our life.”
My sigh turned to a groan. Seeking dead bodies wasn’t my idea of fun. “No more murders for me.”
“And no more partners in crime solving for me.”
I nodded "Take a shower. Then we’ll have dinner.”
Here or do we go out?”
“Here. Crab salad on a bed of lettuce with wedges of tomato.”
“Sounds good.”
As Lars went to the bathroom, I set the book aside and hurried to the kitchen to assemble our dinner. I stared out the kitchen window at the house next door. When would the new neighbor arrive? Hopefully all would be great and I would gain a new friend

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