Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday's Writer's Tip -Looking at the When of a story #MFRWauthor #Writing #When

There are six elements you need to have in your book- Who are the characters. What is the goal the characters want to achieve. When is the time the story takes place. Where is the place where the story takes place. Why is the reason the characters want to achieve their goals. How is the road they take to reach their goal.

Today, I'm looking at the when of a story. When the story takes place is very important to the writer. Let's look at the number of whens that go into a story.

When can be the century. The story can take place any time from prehistorical times to the future, The time period of a story can help create the story. I have a series set in an ancient alternate Egypt. The when had a part in determining the alternate world part of the story. I learned there were no camels in Egypt until around one AD. My story was set in BC centuries before. Thus I had to change the focus of the story.

Many of my stories are contemporary and what happens in the world around is important. I seldom mention the political events but looking at the medical advances is important.

So century does have an effect in a story and often means research.

The when also means things like season, time of day. I'll look at these Next week.

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