Monday, July 27, 2020

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Reading #amwriting #Thoughts - The Streets #Jennifer Probst

Meander 1 - Reading - Just finished reading Jennifer Probst's total collection of books I have on my Kindle. Amazing to find one I hadn't read. Must have downloaded the book and then got distracted. Waiting for two books by friends to come out. In the meantime, I'm reading Cherryh's Foreigner series leading up to when Book 21 in the series is released early in September.

Meander 2 - Thoughts - The Streets - I seldom let politics enter my blog but what I've seen lately on the streets of our country has made me angry and fearful. Why can't people be allowed to protest peacefully. That's a right we have. Why does a bully say he's enforcing Law and Order when it's anything but. I've lived a long time and I've seen this sort of thing happen elsewhere and once in our country. I was very young when Hitler and his goons invaded other countries. I was a young adult when i watched Russian troops march into Hungary. During that time I lost contact with a pen pal. Then in the sixties, I was a bit older when I saw troops and police bashing black people who only wanted justice. It's happening again and I fear it will only get worse, especially in this time of Covid19 when people are afraid a disease will strike them down. Too many people are dying from that and little is being done by the government. All they worry about is people getting to work to increase the profits in their pockets, I fear these tactics will soon be in every town and city in this country and I fear for my country and my family.

Meander 3 Writing - Looks like I'll finish the rough draft of Moon Rising Nilos by the end of the month or soon after, Then it will be a lot of revision and drafts for setting and character. Also I'll need to find anmes and descriptions of a few animals I've tentatively name, Writing this book is a great escape from my fears and worries.

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