Friday, July 10, 2020

Friday - Janet Lane Walters is visiting and talking about her latest release #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Tangled Dreams #Romance

1. Tell me about your latest release? Genre?
     My latest release is Tangled Dreams the sixth book in the Moon Child series. This time the heroine is a Cancer and the hero a Virgo. Their relationship is tangled by secrets and a sick child.

2. Where did the idea arise?
     I really enjoy exploring Astrology and years ago, I began the series, writing the books as the ideas gelled. Since Virgo was the next hero on the block, I spend a great deal of time planning and recalling all the Virgos I've met in my life. The Cancer part was easy since I'm one in spades.

3. How much research was involved? Did you stay on point or be distracted by wanting to look at just one more thing?
     The research was rather extensive, especially regarding childhood leukemia and also memories of the days when I was a nurse with cases of this type. I managed to hone in on what I needed to know and hopefully fed it into the story without lecturing.

4. How long did you take to write the book?
     This book, a short one took almost six months to write. The death of myhusbandof fifty plus eyars and this Covid 19 stuff kept me back. But I persisted

5. Now a bit about you. How long have you been writing? What is your Sun Sign?
     I've been writing for ages but published for 50 one or two I'm a Cancer with six planets in that sign.

6. Do you write in a number of genres of stick to one?
     I kind of hop around genres sticking mainly to some form of romance but I've written non-fiction and poetry as well. I have some mysteries as well as fantasies, paranormal, contemporary and a bit of historical thrown in. I don't write action thrillers or horror. I'll read and enjoy the former and won't touch the latter.

7. Where on the internet can you be found?
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