Thursday, July 30, 2020

Thursday's Fifth Scene from The Virgo Pisces Connection #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Romance #Medical #Virgo #Pisces

Dave Malloy left his car in the garage and entered his temporary home. Unlike his usual postings where he stayed in a rental apartment or a motel, the doctor he relieved and his wife had offered their home. He left a pizza box on the table and grabbed a beer from the fridge. In less than two weeks, he would be off to another temporary posting. Hopefully a six month stay with a chance for a partnership, allowing him to leave his roaming life. His feelings were mixed. He wouldn’t know if he had the job until he heard from Alex Carter.
He wondered if Alex would remember him. They’d been in the same medical school class and had known each other slightly. With a hundred in the same class, being friends with everyone didn’t happen.
Dave settled on the couch, pulled a slice from the box and opened the beer. He had taken the first bite when his phone chimed. He swallowed the bite and answered.
Yes, this is Dave Malloy.”
“Alex Carter speaking. MD Travel called this afternoon and faxed all your credentials. I’ve just finished reading them. Just what about the assignment interested you?”
“To be frank, the possibility of a partnership at the end of six months.”
Dave grinned. “I’m tired of not gathering moss.”
Alex laughed. “I thought I recognized your name. I remember a classmate saying he wanted to be a rolling stone.”
“That was me. Why are you looking for a partner?”
“An exploding practice. Two of Eastlake’s family doctors have recently retired. I’ve inherited most of their patients.”
“Why not a recent grad?”
“I’m too busy to train one. Twice I’ve had prospects and both times they decided to get further training.”
Dave frowned. Was there a problem? All he remembered of Alex was everyone had said he was easy to work with. Also there’s been a lot of talk about his wealthy wife.
“Have you changed your mind?” Alex asked.
“I can see you need help and I can do the six months. Then we’ll see about my staying.”
“When can you start?”
“I have less than two weeks left here and I’ll need at least a week to handle a personal matter.” Dave drew a deep breath. If he received an answer to the letter he’d written, he would need to take care of that problem.”
“Then let’s say I’ll see you in three weeks,” Alex said. “I hope your experience here will work out for both of us. Eastlake’s a great place to grow moss.”
“I hope so.”
“Oh, I forgot to mention there’s a three bedroom house available to rent until you find your own place. My wife will let you live there for paying the utilities and property taxes plus taking care of the yard and sidewalks.”
Dave frowned. The little he’d heard about Alex’s wife didn’t fit someone who would be so generous. The young woman had been a high flyer and known as selfish and snobbish. She must have changed. “Do you have a family?”
Alex laughed. “A son who’s six and one on the way.”
“Sounds like your wife has settled down.”
Alex coughed. “Different wife. Lauren and I’ve been married for over a year.”
Dave groaned. How to make potential friends into enemies in one sentence. “Sorry. I didn’t know.”
“No way you could have. You’ve been a stranger and never came to the reunions.”
“No, I haven’t. Was never much for them. The house sounds interesting. I’ll let you know.”
“Then we’re set for your arrival in three weeks.”
“I believe so. See you then. If I run into problems, I’ll call.” He disconnected.
A house might suit his needs. He hoped to persuade his sister to leave her abusive husband and live with him. When he’d read the detective agency’s report, he had begun to plan. Why had he lost touch with her for all those years? The answer was simple.

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