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Join the authors at #MFRWHooks  Here for some great excerpts. Mine is Rekindled Dreams and features Cancer heroine and Aries hero.

Returning to Fern Lake after ten years for the funeral of his cousin and teenage enemy, Simon Parker learns his high school sweetheart is nine months pregnant and seven months divorced from his cousin. Their meeting is complicated by her labor and driving her to the hospital. An attempted cheek kiss lands on her mouth and those old feelings resurface. Dana Collins responds to the kiss but Simon walked away ten years before when she refused to go all the way. In those ten years he has never tried to reach her. Her marriage to his cousin lasted less than two years and she knew she’d made a mistake. Can this pair put the past aside and let the embers of an old love be rekindled?

2019 Book Hooks

What had his cousin done to make his aunt cry? There had been several calls from her over the years when Randy had been in trouble. “Tell me.”
“He was killed in an automobile accident last night.”
Simon wished he was close enough to offer her comfort. She'd always been strong and Randy had been her most troubled child. “When?”
“Around midnight.”
“He and his fiancé were on their way from dinner at the Club.”
Simon felt like he’d been kicked by a mule. A memory of the winding road from the building high on the hill outside Fern Lake flashed into view.
“Fiancée? What do you mean?”
Though he and his aunt had talked on Christmas Day, his cousin hadn’t been mentioned. Had he missed something? About three years ago, Randy had married Simon’s high school sweetheart. “I thought he was married.”
May cleared her throat. “He and Dana divorced seven months ago.” She sighed. “Their parting shouldn’t still upset me since he didn’t treat her nicely.”
Simon sucked in a breath. A dozen memories from the days when he’d lived at the Grantlan mansion crowded his thoughts. He shoved them away. Anything that happened back then would stay there. Moving forward was his style.
“Did he abuse her?” He couldn’t contain the question.
“Not in a physical way.” She paused. “His drinking and womanizing were painful for her. She received little support when she tried to get him to seek help. Robert didn’t approve of the marriage. Neither did Patricia.”
“What do you want me to do?”
“Come for the viewing and stay for the funeral. There are things we need to discuss.”
Simon’s gut clenched. The small scars on his back itched. Randy was dead. Didn’t change any of Simon’s feelings toward most of the Grantlan family. He cared for Aunt May. His mother’s sister had welcomed him even though she hadn’t spoken to his parents since they’d eloped. She’d insisted her husband give him a home.
He drew a deep breath. What new bomb would blow up his life? He’d resigned from a job he’d liked because he’d refused to obey Paley’s orders. Years ago he’d taken off because Dana had denied him what he’d wanted. He’d been an asshole that day. He groaned. Every time he reached a turning point he walked away. Move forward and don’t look back, he’d told himself. Would returning to Fern Lake be a mistake?
“Simon, are you there?”
“Will you come?”
He swallowed against the huge lump forming in his throat. He’d lived in the Grantlan mansion for eight miserable years. No day had passed without being told he wasn’t worthy of being part of the family. Only the huge fortune his aunt had inherited from her family had made her suited to become a Grantlan.
“I’m not sure I can take the time off.” His face burned but he couldn’t tell her he didn’t care about Randy. In fact he felt glad.
“I’m sure they’ll give you the days for a family funeral.”
Since there was no one to grant him leave, she was right. His own reluctance to retrace his tracks held him back.
“Simon, please. I’m afraid trouble is brewing.”
“What kind?”

“Patricia is out of control. She’s making wild accusations and spouting conspiracy theories. Said Dana sabotaged Randy’s car or Melanie grabbed the wheel. You know how close she and Randy were.”

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Tena Stetler said...

Interesting hook. What trouble is brewing? Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your blurb and excerpt.

Barbara White Daille said...

Love the romantic conflict and the hints at more to come in plot complications.

Lee said...

Loved the blurb and excerpt. Want to read more!

Holly Bargo said...

I like the honest admission that leaving Dana because she wouldn't give her what he wanted made him a jerk. Perhaps that mature honesty will serve him well in reconnecting with her.

Amber Daulton said...

Hmm...I'm curious about his past, especially with Dana. Great excerpt.

Dee S Knight and Anne Krist said...

Oh wow, these are real problems--and possible murder charges. Very good hook!