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Divided Dreams (Moon Child)

Join the writers at #MFRWHooks here  for some great excerpts.Mine features a doctor who changes to become a writer and a nurse practitioner

Rob Grantlan has given up medicine to become an author. As a Gemini, having two careers seems just right. His quiet days are overturned by the death of his wayward sister and his taking guardianship of his two month old niece. When he learns the father of the infant is his old flame Andi Sherman’s brother a plan unfolds. Years ago, he hurt her. He still loves her and he wants to regenerate that love. Andi Sherman is now a nurse practitioner in Pediatrics. She has vowed never to return to Fern Lake. The offer of a partnership in a friend’s practice is tempting. She refuses until she learns Rob has given up the practice of medicine. She believes he will leave town. On the day after her July birthday, she returns and comes upon the accident, finds the dying woman and the baby. When she learns the little girl is her niece and Rob hasn’t left town she is conflicted. She still loves him but she can’t trust him. News from her brother brings a threat. Will Tammy’s presence in their lives find a way to allow them to love and trust again?

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You can’t go home again. Andi Sherman repeated the words she’d said hundreds of times. Yet, here she was on the road to Fern Lake.
Her stomach roiled. As the car sped along the highway leading to the town she’d left eleven years ago, she gripped the steering wheel. She gulped a breath. Yesterday she’d celebrated her twenty-ninth birthday and she still yearned for a faded dream.
She spotted the sign for County Road 178. On an impulse she turned. Fifteen or twenty minutes, instead of ten, would see her in her old home town.
The July sun shone bright in a near cloudless sky. A few wispy clouds called ‘mares’ tails’ streaked the brilliant blue. She rolled down the window and inhaled the scents of summer, dust, wild roses, mown hay and other aromas different from those of the city. The winding road would take her past the house where she’d spent her childhood, a house that no longer existed. The property, lost to greed, slovenliness and criminal activities, had been taken for back taxes. She had escaped long before that day.
Dead. All her family members, except a younger brother, had died when the meth lab burned like an inferno. Dan Sherman, two years her junior, hadn’t been home the day of the disaster. Neither had she, but she’d seen pictures of the fire on television.
Andi sighed. The day she’d graduated from high school she’d left Fern Lake to begin a slow climb to success. She knew nothing about her brother’s whereabouts and she had no desire to learn.
Pressing her foot to the gas she sped past haunted memories and focused on the future. Now a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, she was on her way to join two doctors who had offered her a partnership in their practice.
Her thoughts drifted to her new partners. Josh had settled in Fern Lake five years ago. Grace joined him two years later. Andi had always wondered why they hadn’t become a couple. They liked the same food, movies and books. Maybe she would find a way to open Josh’s eyes to the possibilities.
What about you?
She shook her head. She had a new career to explore. Eleven years ago she hadn’t dreamed of returning to Fern Lake as a nurse practitioner or for any other reason. Her journey had taken hard work and intense study. From nursing assistant to practical nurse to an RN, bachelor’s degree and finally to her Master’s. All this had left her with little time for herself.

The busy days had kept at bay memories of the boy who had hurt and rejected her. Only after hearing Rob Grantlan planned to sell the nursing home/rehabilitation center his father had built for him had she considered returning. The news he’d given up his medical practice had allowed her to accept her friends’ offer.

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Barbara White Daille said...

Great setup, and so much potential for your heroine's change and growth!

Janet Lane Walters said...

And the hero's especially

J.Q. Rose said...

Sounds like a book I could enjoy in the AC on this hot summer day. I'm a Gemini too!!
JQ Rose

Kim McMahill said...

Sounds like an interesting story. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, let me guess. This book uses the 'second chance for love' trope, right? You've done a good job setting that up.