Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Tuesday's Writer's Tip Revision More on Characters #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Revision Characters

Character revision can be fun. One thing is to make your character distinctive and believable rather than a cliche. One way to do this is to become your character. Sometimes writers need to have a split personality. They are the writer but they must also become the character. Thinking about the traits you've given your characters, then walk in their shoes. Not how would I act and react to the situation but how will the character. Sometimes while writing and someone interrupts me, not so much now that my children are grown and don't live at home, but there are times when your character answers and not you. Shakes up people and then you have to think this is real life not the fictional one I've been working in. So making your characters distinctive means some play-acting.

One way to make the character distinctive can be in the use of the physical. Think of clothing. Now many of my stories are medically centered. What the character wears and how they wear them can make them distinctive. A uniform that's stiff and starched is different than one that's loose and comfortable. Which does your character wear?How they wear their hair. For women things like make-up can make a distinctive note. Their walk, their way of sitting. There are hundreds of possibilities.

Consistency is another area of showing your character. Do they act the same way to the same stimuli or is their approach scattered. If scattered they must consistently appear this way, Not just for a single time.

Next time, a bit more on making characters live.

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