Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Ways of Building Scenes #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Writing #Scenes

Scenes can be built in a number of ways. Just remember you must keep the purpose of the scene in mind. Bur let's look at these ways. And remember more than one can be present in a scene. It's always fun to see how many ways you have to make your scenes come alive. There is description, dialogue, inner dialogue and action. We'll look at them one at a time.

1. By description - We've all read scenes where the setting takes on the characteristics a writer wants to portray. A bright sunny day can show a character acting one way and also a gloomy one the other. The scene can also show that the character's mood is in conflict with the bright day, the antique furniture or what ever description you choose to use. Just don't overwrite the description. I once remember while doing some reading for a publisher, one of the manuscripts had an entire chapter describing a cr trip along the California coast. Beautifully done but it really had no purpose.

So deciding the purpose of the descriptive scene or partsof a scene may have one or more purposes. A little foreshadowing can be shown. The character can be defined and shown. Also there can be a complication coming that the setting will play a part in creating. A funeral could do this very handily.



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Kryssie Fortune said...

Love the way you describe Brenda - Moments later, Brenda, blonde, tall, elegantly clad with enough bling on her arms and fingers to finance a war, strode toward us. Her smile revealed perfect teeth. But I love the things you don't say about her more. The way her pictures are hung as if using a level and the books are ordered. Fab snippet