Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tuesday's Writer's Tip More on Developing Scenes #MFRWAuthor #Writing #Scenes

Scenes are valuable in writing a story. Using them to define character is one way. Another way is to locate the characters in time and space. The third is to advance the plot.

Showing the setting in a story can be done with dialogue and description. Two characters talking about what they're seeing is important. Bits of descriptive passages can add to what the characters hear and see, not to mention the other senses. Using dialogue also cuts down on those long descriptive passages that used to be the way writers showed a setting.

A scene can also be used to advance the plot of a story. One has to be careful when choosing a setting for the scene. Eating scenes are very important. I've used them in many of my stories but I take care to throw in tidbits about what may or may not happen next.

Using each scene to perform all three functions is great. Showing character development alone is good. Positioning the characters in time and place when combined with character development is great. Adding a plot advance to the two makes the scene excellent. So look at your scene and know the purpose is the way to write a great story.



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Cece Whittaker said...

I love what you wrote about eating scenes. I love to use them as well, and the idea of keeping the action going within them is really important--which I sometimes forget. Thanks! Cece Whittaker