Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday's Guest Viviana MacKade Talking about Who She was Before

What were you in your life before you became a writer? Did this influence your writing?
Ah, I’ve been so many things. Let’s see. I was a lawyer in Italy, my country of origin. Then a private Italian teacher and waitress when my now husband, then boyfriend, moved to the UK. The time in Norwich, UK, is when I started to write ‘seriously’. And I become a mom and a novelist when we moved to the States 5 years ago.
I guess all this moving had influenced my writing. When you go to live in a foreign place and know zero about the language (seriously, we could say nothing in English), you learn to rely on body language, on shades in the voice of whoever’s talking to you. I learned to see people, which is a great tool for a novelist. Then the whole learning-a-new-country deal, the way it moves, the way it works. It opened my mind as nothing else could.

Are you genre specific or general? Why? I don't mean genres like romance, mystery, fantasy, etc. There are many subgenres of the above.
I like writing contemporary romance, with some degree of suspense. Not sure why. I like a nice adventure with danger and all, and I line love. I put those two together. But there are changes in the future.

Did your reading choices have anything to do with your choice of a genre or genres?
Definitely. I love history, and I used to read a lot of historical novel in the line on Edward Rutherfurd, Bernard Cornwell, and Ken Follett. I loved them, I still do. But one day, I picked up a Nora Robert’s The MacKade brothers and I was hooked. I remember thinking, “If I ever write a book, I want people to feel all the things I felt while reading this book.” It’s still my first thought when I write.

What's your latest release?
I’ll release the third and last book in the Crescent Creek Series, His Midnight Sun, in September. Then it’s going to be a pause that I’ll use for studying, and then we’ll see. I have ideas.

What are you working on now?
I’m in the thinking phase of a new Series, but before I start anything, I need to get through release month.

Where can we find you?
Technically, I’m on FB, Twitter, and Google+.
In reality, I hate social media, so I use them only as a way to advertise my books in groups. That, I love. But if someone is interested in me, the best way of knowing me is via my blog. I love love love it.
I have fantastic books there (not only mine, other people’s too), I host Books Fairs, I even have a page for my rambling thoughts. So yeah, that would be the best way to get in touch with me.


Daryl Devoré said...

Viv is a great author. His Midnight Sun is great. I just finished a beta read on it.

Viviana MacKade said...

Thank you for having me, I had so much fun! And Daryl... thank you. Your help with Aidan was invaluable. You know now how much of a handful he is...

Iris B said...

Lovely to get to know you a little better, Viv. Great interview.