Monday, December 8, 2014

Tuesday's Inspirations - Looking At The Senses -- Smell

How often do we neglect to put the sense of smell into our stories. Sure you might say she smelled like flowers. Numerous scents filled the air. What one must remember as a writer that the aroma of things often triggers memories in people. Smell can be used in so many ways.

To define character - The smell of alcohol on his breath was strong enough if someone lit a match he'd be a fire-breather.

Soft scent of lilac arose from the trunk as she pulled out the ancient wedding dress.

Tommy ran into the house. The aroma of chocolate and sugar made him grin. "Mom, you're making cookies.

Not only people but places. Think of the dank aromas of a swamp, the mustiness of an old house, the freshness of the air after rain. The smells of the forest, trees,leaves on the ground.

What about the sweet smell of a baby with the powder and lotion.

Writing is more than what you see and hear. Use senses that trigger your memories, good or bad and see what happens when you put these in a story and a reader relates and brings their own memories into the story.

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