Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday - Talking About My Books #MFRWauthor

Today, I'll say a bit about Lines of Fire and how the story began. With a fragmented dream that woke me with a vision of a man with thin red lines over his body. They were lines of fire. I sat down and jotted all the fragments I could remember. I knew somehow he was in danger and that he needed to find a mate or the members of some kind of guardian group would remove his ability to sue the lines.

Questions followed. What did the lines mean? How were they used? Why could some of the members of the group sense and read these lines and some were oblivious? Was there something magical about these groups?

Somehow while just tossing the ideas around, I found there were other groups affiliated with the guardians. Some were Healers and some were Artisans. Just what did they have to do with the hero.  One day I began to put all this together and it looked like a ball of yarn that had a dozen ends. I continued messing with this strange new world as I worked on other stories.

Then came the day when suddenly all the ends led to a number of paths and I knew which ones to take. Alric became the hero and I saw him with his father who had been driven out and his powers removed. He was dying and sent his son to be tested and to unravel the mystery of the lines of fire. I also learned he had a younger brother and sister who had vanished from the Guild House? One day their stories will be told. I know the title for the second book Tainted Lines and features the heroine of this book's brother and Alric's sister. His lines have been magically tainted by an unknown enemy who has tainted members of the guild before.


Joan Hall Hovey said...

'...a ball of yarn with a dozen ends is just a great way to describe any novel when we're just getting into that first draft...haven't heard it desribed better. The dream part is So interesting, Janet. Thanks for sharing. Joan.

Janet Walters said...

Jane, Thanks for stopping by. The dream part was so foreign to the way I usually write but I had to run with it. I can still see the image. As for the yarn, having to untangle my mother's skiens after my younger brother attacked them, I learned like writing unravelling takes patience.

Kathy Fischer-Brown said...

Janet, That is amazing. I often rely on dreams in my writing, but yours was a "gift" that needed deciphering.

Janet Walters said...

Sure did and this has never happened to me before. I'm still figuring the whole thing out. Thanks for visiting