Saturday, December 13, 2014

Talking About My Books - Toth's Priest #MFRWauthor

Toth's Priest is the final book in the trilogy of Ancient Alternate Egypt. In the first book Namose the hero of this book is kidnapped by the evil priest of Aken Re. Since he has some slight knowledge of the ancient language of the Two Lands, the priest believes Namose can give him the powers possessed by some of the priests of Toth. Some of the priests are merely scribes but others have talents to use the elements. The evil priest has stolen scrolls that define these powers. Namose is under threat of death and he does give the man some of the powers. Some he has mistranslated not on purpose but because he doesn't know the words.

Amara is from out world and she must escape the nephew of the drug lord who murdered Tira sister and who would have killed Seth. Seth has given her the notice that will help her escape. Her abilities to use unarmed combat allows her to escape and meet the elderly women. She arrives in the Two Lands at the main temple of the priests of Toth and undergoes training. She has the ability to use some of the powers but only two, earth and water.

Her quest is to find Namose and to help him escape along with the scrolls. Their uniting allows they to return to the temple for more training but the adventure isn't over. All builds until they realize they must confront the evil priest. The book is filled with magic and action. This story was fun to write and brings the characters from the other two books together.

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