Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sunday - Talking About My Books - Horu's Chosen #MFRWauthor

Since I was firmly established in my alternate Egypt, when I came to write the second book, I knew the hero would be the one who would travel from the present world to the alternate one. Where would I find this hero. Then when reading over the first book, I found him. He was an undercover cop posing as a homeless man. He was the one to warn the heroine of the first book not to go home. When I wrote the first book, I needed someone to warn her and I chose this homeless man. But she saw something in his eyes. So Seth was born.

The second step was to decide why he wanted to escape his present life. He was alone. A foster kin but people who had turned him from an angry young man to a cop had died in an auto accident. So he had no ties, except a sort of friendship to the heroine of the third book. He felt like her older brother. The reason for Seth's decision to accept the old women's chance for life in another world took some thought. Then I realized he would be betrayed by his handler to the drug lord from the first book. This tied the stories together on another level.

The heroine of the second book, Merin, was the Daughter. While researching and reading a lot about ancient Egypt and the marriages that often occurred between half or even full siblings. I had the way to make her be in danger from the priests of Aken Re, especially the main villain. Whoever married Merin would become Pharaoh. Thus the adventure began with Seth being transported and being almost a slave though he was a man skilled in both armed and unarmed fighting. Merin has been taken by the bad guy and he has a husband for her. Her escape is necessary and so she and Seth come together for an adventure in the desert and have a quest they must fulfill.

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