Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday's Inspiration -- The Senses - Touch #MFRWauthor

Touch is the fourth of the senses and to me one of the easiest yet the hardest of the senses to incorporate into a story. To do this one has to really find words to describe a sensation that triggers a reader's memories. That's what one does or tries to do when using the senses to draw a reader into a story.

So what are some ways to use Touch in a story. Think about the times you're touched something or some one. Have you ever had a butterfly land on your hand. Probably not since you're not a flower. What you need to do is imagine. Think of the things that are soft. A baby's skin, a kitten's fur, the feel of silk against your skin. These are some of the ways to invoke touch into a storu.

But touches aren't always soft and gentle. They can be hard Like taut leather or rough like rough stone or cement. So hard or soft, rough or smooth try using touch on many pages of your story to evoke how the hero or heroine experiences the things they touch and what they touch.

In setting using all the senses makes a story come to life. The rough wood. the feel of brick beneath the fingers. If you can't remember how something you've touched find that object and touch it until you can find words to describe the sensation and give this sense in words for your reader.

When writing love scenes, remember how you felt to be touched and what you felt when you touched your lover. Bring touch to the palate and show the readers in words that will trigger their memories and draw them into the world you're creating.

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