Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday's Inspiration from an essay by Catherine Cookson

When I read the opening of this essay written years ago, I had a chuckle. Some things never change. This is advice to someone entering the game of writing. Even with the change in the publishing industry with the advent of electronic readers and the relative ease of getting books into the places that sell the books, this struck home. Words a budding writer or even an established one can heed.

""You must first of all make up your mind to turn deaf ears to all those well-wishers who tell you that the markets are swamped already and there isn't a hope in hell for newcomers."

Naysayers abound in this world and writing means taking a leap into the abyss. I recall when my first electronic book came out and how so many people said Ebooks would never last. Well, that first book Murder and Mint Tea is still selling fifteen years later. So are the other ones I wrote. I'm sure those words were said to writers when paperbacks arrived on the scene, too. Even the printing press that eventually took over from scrolls.

Taking the plunge can be fun and even exciting. Taking the plunge again and again takes a bit of courage. Much depends on what a writer wants to do in their career. Catherine Cookson ended the essay with these words, ""All I know is if you want to write, you'll write."

That says it all for me. What about you?

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