Monday, July 1, 2013

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters - Shattered Dreams live

Late yesterday Shattered Dreams went live. plus it's at Smashwords and All Romance. What a thrill. The edits were so easy to make and the cover is wonderful. This story is the first of the Moon Child series, based on my knowledge of Astrology. This time, the heroine and hero both have birthdays under the sign of Cancer. The second will have a Cancer heroine and an Aries hero. Have just blocked in that story but first I need to finish the last of the Seduction series, A Spicy Seduction. That story is moving ahead rapidly. Makes me feel great when that happens.

As to the second meander my reading time. Not as much this week as sometimes but life does manage to intervene. Did read Bob Mayar's Black Ops The Gate. I do like action adventure and once I got into the story found it very interesting and kept me reading until I reached the end. Met the author at a conference and he's as dynamic as his stories.

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