Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday's Inspiration ala Margaret Chittenden

While reading the essay by Margaret Chittendon, I remember reading some of her stories years ago and something she said at the end of the story made me think about why sometimes a story wasn't working right.

"For the reader to have an emotional reaction, the writer must have one first." What a great piece of advice. Every writer wants the readers to love or hate their characters. I think of the many times when working on a story that I find this is flat. Part of the reason is I've created a character I sort of liked, but I didn't love this character. I usually manage to create villains that I can hate and some that I can resonate with.

The thing about this quote that inspired me was that I needed to find things about the characters that not only could I love or hate but emotions that made me want to show this character to the world. Right now I'm working with a hero who plans things. He makes lists. Now I can feel a love for him since that's what I do in my life. I can love this man and hopefully this will also carry over to the reader and to the heroine of the story.

So when the story seems a it flat or one of the characters seem blah, sit down and really get acquainted with the character and let yourself fall in love with hero, heroine and villain. Then tell the story.

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Melissa Keir said...

I think it is easier to hate the villain than to fall in love with your characters. But what a great piece of advice!