Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday's How She Does It featuring Amber Skyze

We all know there are six elements of fiction. Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. I believe the first five lead to the sixth which for me is plot. What's your take on this> Definitely! Without the first five you don’t have a plot. J



1.      How do you create your characters? Do you have a specific method?

No specific method. I usually pick an actor or actress I’m fawning over at the time or a person from my everyday life. Crazy I know. LOL


2. Do your characters come before the plot? Do you sketch out your plot or do you let the characters develop the route to the end?

For me, the plot comes first. Sometimes I’ll see a character in my head and know I have to write a story. Though that’s rare. 


3. Do you know how the story will end before you begin? In a general way or a specific one?

No…the issues the couple will go through are about all I know when I begin writing. There are times when even that changes as I write. While I make every attempt to have a happily ever after it’s not always possible.


4. Do you choose settings you know or do you have books of settings and plans of houses sitting around?

Oooooh, what a great idea. I’m a creature of habit and use settings I’m very familiar with. I’ve only stepped out of my comfort zone for two books.


5. Where do you do your research? On line or from books?

Most of my research is done online.


6. Are you a draft writer or do you revise as you go along and why?

A long time ago I would revise as I went along…I never finished a book. Then I heard about Nano and that changed my life forever. I write first and worry about revising once the book is fully complete. I’ll make notes along the way, if I want to change or add something from earlier in the story.


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Melissa Keir said...

Great interview. I always love hearing about how other authors think and write.