Monday, July 29, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #amwriting #amreading #MFRW

Sleeping in is a luxury I seldom indulge in but today it happened. The choice was getting up at six fifteen or going back to sleep for what I thought would be an hour. Wrong. Nearly three hours later I awoke again. Somehow doing this sets the day off slowly. Does this ever happen to you. There seems to be so much to do these days. But I'll get onto that a bit later. Hopefully the extra sleep will give me energy to move along with my projects.

As to writing I'm typing the last draft of A Spicy Seduction and noting where changes should be made. Two more drafts and I will be done. I'm working on the rough draft of Rekindled Dreams. How does one do both. It's because I write all rough drafts by hand and usually one or two more. This way I can type them and set the next project in motion. The First of the Moon Child series brought a Cancer hero and heroine together in Shattered Dreams. The second is a Cancer heroine and an Aries hero. The third is just a thread bringing a Taurus hero into a Cancer heroine's life again. At this point, it's called Melodic Dreams. Then I'll want to work on The Amber Chronicles since I have the rights back to four of the short stories and there should be two more to round out the series and it will go in a single book.

Reading or rather re-reading a fantasy series. When I'm rough drafting, I like to read something I've read before and something that's not in the genre I usually write. There are a few books on my Kindle to read, one was free and one I bought. Will perhaps mention them when I reach the point of reading them.

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