Monday, July 15, 2013

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters

Meander one is about people always saying I write fast. I don't. I write steady.Reading and writing, A Spicy Seduction Just sat down and figured our with the latest WIP that this isn't necessarily so. The project is a novella at 25000 words and should be finished in 60 days. What this means is 500 words a day. That is not much. Most writers average at least 1000 words. My productivity is geared to sitting down every day and not stopping until I have my quote for the day done. Doesn't matter if I'm in the mood or not. The quota varies with what part of the procedure I'm involved with. re-writes can usually be done faster than rough draft. Planning a story takes more time than the rough draft. So if you want to increase your production, what you need to do is set a goal for the day and stick to it.  Granted I have every day and could work from 8 AM until 1 AM without a break if needed. I don't but I do write every day and set a goal for the day. Right now I'm in re-writes and this means putting down every word already written, expanding those scenes I glossed over and writing the ones that say "Love scene goes here." The word count per day will vary but at the end of the day I've accomplished what I set out to do. That's what it takes. Setting goals.

Meander two is about reading while writing. I must admit I do. Does it effect my writing. Maybe yes and maybe no. Sometimes when reading a love scene someone else has written makes me look at the last one I wrote and no, I don't copy words but I do look at how the feelings were evoked and then perhaps make some changes in my own work. Aha, that's how to get his reactions in when I;m in her point of view. That's the sort of thing reading what other people write helps me as I hone my craft. What a writer should strive for is always improving what they're writing. Lack of growth means turning out the same old, same old and that gets boring for reader and writer as well.

My own writing is going well. I should finish A Spicy Seduction by the end of the month and prepare to write the next of the MoonChild series. Think it will be called Shattered something. Now sure what but I'll find something by the time I begin.

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