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A curse sends Astrid on a journey to ancient lands. She meets deceit and betrayal searching for true love and to break the curse. The search begins in Egypt. When she touches an ancient Egyptian necklace she is hurtled through time into the turbulent life of another woman. She discovers the words spoken in anger holding her spirit captive. Seven more times she finds a piece of jewelry and returns to a distant past. In each of these lives she encounters and falls in love with a man who seems to be someone recently met in her present as do the enemy man and woman. The heat between Astrid and Duncan is instant and becomes incandescent. Her dislike of two characters grows. Eight realms await her. Eight chances break the curse holding her spellbound and to end the cycle of past betrayals and find love. Eight chances to foil the evil man and woman who follow her and Duncan from era to era.

Astrid Logan travels from her home to her father's after he has a stroke. Her father owns a gallery called Antiquities. After she checks on her father she goes to his shop where his employee, Clive, shows her an Egyptian necklace. When she picks it up she's transported back in time to Ancient Egypt.

In this time period Seshat is the second daughter of the second wife of Nomarch Sehetep. She is sweet and loving and cares for her father. His first daughter of his first wife, Nefru, is conniving and deceitful. When the family receives visitors from Thebes on political business Nefru sets her sights on Mermeshu, the more powerful of the two. When he rejects her for Seshat, Nefru takes the second one, Intef, to her bed. She becomes pregnant with his child and convinces her father that Mermeshu is the father. Her father forces the two to marry. In the meantime Seshat discovers that she is pregnant with Mermeshu's baby. He offeres for her to become his second wife after her sister and delines cursing him until he learns what to value.

When Astrid comes back to the present time two customers come into the shop. Lorna Stinit and Duncan Garrett. There is an instant attraction between Astrid and Duncan. She turns him down when he makes advances, and even after Astrid's refusal Duncan breaks his weekend date with Lorna.

The premise of All Our Yesterdays by Janet Lane Walters is the original curse in Egypt. Each time Astrid picks up a piece of jewelry she is transported into the lives of two lovers. She visits ancient times in Egypt, Babylon, China, Pompeii, Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Peru. And in each place she visits the couple is cursed. It is up to Astrid and Duncan to break the curse.

All Our Yesterdays has a very interesting premise and I enjoyed reading it. But there were so many visits to different times that I felt a bit overwhelmed at times. Still I enjoyed the read and think lovers of time travel and stories of reincarnation will do the same.

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Astrid Logan has just found out her father has had a stroke while she's been away. Every summer she joins her father at his shop called Antiquities, but this year it is going to be quite different. Clive, her father's assistant seems more shady than usual, but there are even more stranger things going on that can not be explained. Touching the Egyptian necklace will transport Astrid to ancient Egypt where she will face jealousy, love, and betrayal by her own sister.

That is not the end of Astrid's journey, she is about to visit Babylon, China, Pompeii, Britain, Switzerland, Japan and Peru as well. Although, each place she visits, the couples are cursed in love and are usually pregnant when fated to death. Each piece of jewelry that she touches holds a story, and hopefully those stories will help her figure out what her father has been saying as well as the mysteries to her new beau's past.

Duncan shows up with Lorna on his arm and right away is attracted to Astrid, while Lorna is whining around about the Egyptian pieces. Duncan and Astrid may be fated for the curse of the past, or maybe they will be the ones to break the unlucky chain of events... but what happens when Astrid falls in love, but Duncan is not sure he can quite admit it just yet even though he is infatuated with lust for her.

Two lovers meet again in another place and time, but there are also two saboteurs out there that are in it for the wealth. There are a lot of secrets and feelings that must be sorted out before time runs out.

All Our Yesterdays couldn't be a more perfect title for this book, Janet Lane Walters has a way of riveting the reader with her words from the very start. The ending was something I saw coming, and couldn't have been more ecstatic by the way it turned out. There was a little blip in the details at one point, but it was very minor and it was just my picky eye that caught it, but it in no way deterred me from reading on. Erotic, sensual and enthralling, Walters pens a very good read. 4 Hearts

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