Thursday, December 8, 2022

Thursday Writing Past Betrayals, Past Loves #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Paranormal #time Travel #Romance

 I love reading about ancient Egypt. I was reading a book on the history that included a time when the kingdom was in termoil and many men view to become Pharaoh. These words struck me. And Mermeshu was his name. He vied to become Pharaoh. That roiled in my thoughts for days and suddenly I thought of a curse that would send him and the women he betrayed across the centuries to various lands. This meant much research and took time. Fortunately I was in college at the time taking courses for my BA in English. A late bloomming student but the library gave me access to the books I needed.

The book starts in the present time and through antiquities found in her father's shop, she is transported to other lands. And in these lands a number of characters are found. The hero, the heroine, the villain, her father, a helpful neighbor, a second enemy and a friend.

Exploring these places and times was fun and covered many hours of research, even a time in this country during the Victorian age. Not only was this a fun experience but I learned much of the history of other places that Egypt. Pompei being one that fascinated me. It's so nice when writing a book gives one pleasure and never a bad moment. This book was originally called All Our Yesterdays. Bothe titles fit the book perfectly.

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