Thursday, December 8, 2022

Thursday About the Writing of Seppal #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #fantasy #swords #sorcery

 Writing a series can be an interesting experience and something I enjoy reading. Seppal is the fifth book in the series and there is just one more to finish the series. There's a problem there I won't get into. When I began Seppal, I wanted to make the book one that could stand alone and yet bring in elements to tie this to the main story. There are of course the windsteeds, Midra and Midran, Healers, Warriors and Seers. Then I set about to make the book different from the others. So far, I think I have managed to do this.

Entering this created world where the god and goddess have two sides. The idea came from Janus, a god who looks two ways. I realized this part of the world I'd created had a rocky shore and an ocean. The cover shows the desolation I thought needed for this book. Then how to bring the characters into being. I knew there were two teams, one of men and one of women. Suddenly, they were much younger than the characters at the start of the other stories. I also realized in one of the early books Seppal was the home of the windsteeds. The warrior heroine was born and then using the storms that came in the fall found those who were the other triad, The seaweed collectors idea set my imagination  to wondering why and the three colors of seaweeds arrived.

I enjoyed writing this book and watching the characters grow into ones with the power to change their part of the world.


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