Saturday, December 17, 2022

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A Reluctant Santa


Length: 45 pages

Word Count :12698

Heat Level : Three Flames

Category : New Release, Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , Christmas




Is it ever too late to find happiness?


They’re in their fifties. Grief-stricken (her) and battle scarred (him) from their previous loves, they don’t want to risk more heartbreak, ever. They’ll have to take it slow, talk it through, test the waters carefully. Can they make it happen at this speed, get it done in a short story, and reap the benefits of sizzling sex at their age? Why not?




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A Gift for Adam


Length: 70 pp

Word Count :14290

Heat Level : 4 flames

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , Christmas




Home and Garden assistant manager Evie Strand has painstakingly embroidered a set of seven thongs as a gag gift for her best friend—only she brought the wrong box to the store Christmas party, and now Adam Grant from Automotive is holding them up for everyone to see: Kiss my…, Tight Fit—could things get any worse?

Adam may seem like a total rake, but he can tell Evie’s deeply embarrassed and he resolves to make it up to her. Who knew where a simple dinner date would lead?




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The Gift Exchange

Length: 29 pages

Word Count :7421

Heat Level: 4 Flames

Category : Contemporary Romance , Erotic Romance , LGBTQIA+ Romance , Christmas




It’s Christmas Eve—what gifts will Mack, Carol and Tara unwrap together?

What is Carol up to now? Mack has always known his free-spirited wife is bisexual, but it seems she has new adventures on her mind this Christmas season.


Carol has long entertained fantasies of a threesome with herself, her husband, and their attractive nearby neighbor, Tara. Now that Tara’s troublesome ex is out of the picture, is this the season to make her fantasies come true?


Tara’s felt a little deprived since breaking things off with her ex, and she’ll admit she envies what Mack and her best friend Carol seem to share. If they invite her to join them, will she dare?




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