Friday, December 9, 2022

Friday Janice Seagraves is visiting and talking about Characters

 Day 1 Characters

2. Heroes, Heroines, Villains. Which are your favorite to write? 
Actually, all of them. I find each has their own challenges and each just as hard or easy to write.
3. Heroes. How do you find them? Do pictures, real life or plain imagination create the man you want every reader to love? Do they come before the plot or after you have the idea for the story?
In Windswept Shores books one and two the hero I kept picturing Dominic Percell. When I wrote the Matrix Crystal Series, I remember meeting a woman who was literally golden. Golden hair, golden eyes, golden skin. So, I decided the people of the planet they were on looked like her. In the Chronicles of Arcon, I had a dream of aliens on Earth who had long white hair and pale skin. I used that dream to write Alien Heart and all the Arcons who look just like that with the exception of Alien Collision. In that book, Sky cuts off his hair. Which normal Arcons would never do. They take pride in their long locks. Sky did it to morn his dead mate.
4. Heroines. How do you find them? Do pictures, real life or imagination create the woman you want the reader to root for? Do they appear before the plot or after you have the idea for the story?
  Your favorite book? 
My imagination mostly. My earliest heroines were green eyed redheads because.... well... I was at the time. Yes, I committed the crime of author insert. Now, I try to make each and every heroine unique in her own way. In Alien Desire, the heron is half Japanese. In Alien Enslaved, the heroine was dark headed until she was changed by Nanobots to resemble a Arcon female. In Alien Collision, the heroine is dark skinned and curly haired. 

5. Villains or villainesses or an antagonist, since they don’t always have to be the bad guy or girl. They can be a person opposed to the hero’s or heroine’s obtaining their goal. How do you choose one? How do you make them human? I don't. LOL. Most of my antagonists aren't even human. 
6. What is your latest release? Who is the hero, heroine and or the villain?
My latest release is Alien Collision. The heroine is pregnant, and the two heroes are Arcons from Chronicles of Arcon. She can't understand how they both want her, but they do. And they are both willing to do anything to help her. Which is good because the deserted planet they are all on is host to a hoard of killers and their luck might have just ran out. 
7. What are you working on now?
I'm working on three stories. All of them are about magic. The first two follow each other. And the third is about a woman who is literally pregnant with a dragon. And it has awakened. 
8. How can people find you?
9. Who are your favorite authors?
Jim Butcher, PC Hodgell, Kate Gellar, Lydia M. Hawke, and Christine Pope.

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