Thursday, December 22, 2022

Thursday Writing Shattered Dreams #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Romance #medical # second chance love #past memories

 When I had the idea to write a series with all the heroines being born under the sign of Cancer, I realized there would be twelve books. The heroes would be from the other signsof the Zodic. Because all the heroines were born under the sign of Cancer and the moon rules them, I named the series Moon Child. I should have begun with Cancer Aries but as I began to discover the characters, I realized not only was the heroine a Cancer but also the hero. Thus Manon and Rafe came into being. I began with researching my many Astrology books for traits and differences between male and female of thesesigns. Slowly the characters formed. I also learned while writing them of the Cancer's trait of holding onto things and people forever. The story took place and suddenly, I knew the beginning when she hears the motorcycle and is pushed toward the past and fights what for ehr was a time of grief.

The character of the opponent came next. Finally I learned why so many years had gone past with no connection between the two characcters. And finally, the writing went smoothly. It's so wonderful when all the pieces fall into place.

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