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Join the authors at #MFRWHooks here  for some intriguing excerpts  Mine is found at and is from Romancing the Nurse

Ginny’s new job as patient care coordinator at a suburban hospital is a dream come true. She can raise her daughter and young niece away from the city.

The older orthopedic surgeon who recruited her helps make the move easier. His stroke brings his son, another surgeon home to take over his father’s practice. Unfortunately, Ginny remembers him from an evening encounter at the city hospital where she worked. They had words. He also remembers that night.

They clash but beneath the anger, there is an attraction. Blake wants her in his bed and attempts to romance her. Then he discovers he wants her forever and must eat a lot of crow.


            “Hey, Ginny,”  a red-haired nurse called.  “Any news about Dr. Marshall?”

            “Which one?”  another woman asked.

            “The father.  The son’s an unknown.”

            How true, Ginny thought.  She reported her latest visit and received reactions similar to Annette’s.

            A short time later, Ginny strode to the acute care area where fresh post-ops and those patients who needed special care were admitted.  She stopped at the desk and studied the patient board.

            Two of the nurses stopped talking.  Lisa Kingsley smiled, but the blonde’s smile wasn’t friendly.  Ginny looked for Betty Tawser, the third member of the trio who opposed every change on the unit.

            With a nod to Lisa, Ginny left the desk and made patient rounds.  When she finished, she starred several names of those who could be moved to make room for patients from the ER, ICU or the OR.

            This done, she made rounds on the rehabilitation section of the unit and called Admitting.  For the first time in weeks, there was no overflow of orthopedic patients on any of the medical or surgical units.

            Wait until winter, she thought.  But by that time, the nurses would have completed the educational program and the efficiency of the unit would improve.

            She headed to her office.  Her life was on schedule, so why was the knot of anticipation expanding?

            A rap on the window broke into her reverie.  A grinning Annette peered through the glass.  “Girl, quit your dawdling.  Young Dr. Marshall has arrived.”  She pressed a hand to her chest.  “He’s a man for every woman’s fantasy.”

            Ginny shook her head.  She pictured the older Dr. Marshall, subtracted years and added hair.  Pleasant.  Maybe cute, but hardly fantasy material.  She rose.  “I’m on my way.  Wouldn’t want him to accuse me of ignoring him.”

            “Won’t happen.  He seems as nice as his dad.  Run, don’t walk.  Rescue him before Val drowns him in sweetness.”

            Ginny frowned.  Val -- Sweet -- impossible.  The unit’s secretary was a mistress of the rude put-down.

            When Ginny turned the corner, she stopped short.  A barely contained urge to run in the opposite direction caused her to approach the desk with slow, measured steps.  Young Dr. Marshall was tall, handsome -- and black.  He was also the resident who two years ago had questioned her nursing judgment.  Though she had been vindicated, a patient had suffered needless pain.

            Her hands curled into fists.  Dr. Marshall laughed at something Val said and then turned to Lisa.  The knot in Ginny’s abdomen swelled into her chest.  No way, she thought.  She wouldn’t allow this man or anyone to detour her from her chosen road.  She plastered a smile on her face that she knew didn’t watch the hostility she felt.

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