Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Using the Senses - Reasons #MFRWauthor #Senses #Ways to use #BWLAuthor

Now that we've looked at the senses, let's look at the different ways to use them in your story. There are probably many more ways but these are the really common ones.

1. To define the setting. Think of the ways you can let readers know where the action is taking place. There could be the acrid aroma of gunfire and the loud snapping sounds. There could be the beauty of a rose garden or the feel of the petals beneath a person's fingers. There could be the taste of the fresh baked cookies.

2. To describe a character/ Think of ways to use the senses here. She felt the roughness of his beard and the sharp aroma of sweat. She looked at his blue eyes and wanted to melt. The sound of his voice rasped over her nerves, His kiss tasted of coffee.

3. To set the time frame. The light falling snow brought winter. She stuck out her tongue and tasted the snow. The crash of waves against the rocks promised a winter storm. She smelled the coming storm. She brushed her hands over the cold, newly fallen snow.

4. To establish a mood or tone. Eerie sounds of moaning filled the air. The taste of acid burned her mouth. She touched the ancient bones and felt them crumble. She saw a shadow move in the darkness. The odor of death surrounded her.

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Holly Bargo said...

As an editor, I frequently encounter new authors who fail to use sensory detail beyond the visual. Unfortunately, many of them dwell on the visual to describe at length the appearance of something, whether a character, outfit, or room.