Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - Checklist for Using the Senses #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Senses

You've finished your manuscript and are set about revising the story. Make sure you've used the senses in ways that help the reader enter the story. Here's a checklist to follow. After doing this many times, you'll find it comes with ease. I've been judging for a contest lately and I've found the main thing wrone is the senses aren't used effectively. After the writers use sight to describe a person physically, they may use sound but that's generally in dialogue or in rather mundane ways.

1. Have you used all the senses - sight, sound, taste, touch, smell?

2. Have you used them in both internal and external dialogue? And in narrative passages?

3. Have you used them to develop character, advance the plot and give information?

4. Are they used to show setting? Characters, time frame and tone or mood?

Take your stories paragraph by paragraph and see if using the senses can enhance the story.

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