Saturday, November 3, 2018

Saturday's Blurbs featuring a Book by Margaret Hanna #MFRWAuthor #BWLPublishing #Historical #Canada

Our Bull's Loose In Town

Book Blurb:
A tiny shack in a vast prairie. Spooked horses and run-away pigs. A town half-destroyed by fire. The year with no crop. An untimely death.

Little did Addie Wright realize what she would face when she came west from Ontario in 1910 to marry her fiancĂ©, Abraham Hanna. Based on entries in Abraham’s diaries, Our Bull’s Loose In Town tells the story of the author’s grandparents as they built their farm and raised a family in the Meyronne district of southwestern Saskatchewan. Through trials and triumphs, sorrows and successes, the horrors of the Great War, the prosperity of the Roaring Twenties and the dark years of the Dirty Thirties, they found strength and courage in their faith, in their indomitable humour, and in their family and neighbours.

This is also the story of the rise and decline of a prairie village, and of the political and social turmoil of a province and country in the first half of the twentieth century, all as Addie lived it.

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