Saturday, November 17, 2018

Saturday Blurbs - A Book By Billie Turner

Out of Darkness


Cursed to an immortal life, Kai is bound by honor to protect the mortal world for eternity. He’d rather avoid humans whenever possible. Everything changes when he rescues a university student from a brutal attack.  Without her sight and alone, she seems virtually helpless. Irresistibly drawn to her, Kai is disgusted by his intense reaction. He’s determined to resist the attraction, yet compelled to protect her when he learns she has no family. To shelter her from his enemies, he whisks her to a secluded cabin in the mountains to recover from her injuries.

When university student Emma Carlisle wakes up after a brutal assault, she is unable to see. The sexy-voiced stranger taking care of her is determined to remain by her side and keep her safe regardless of her feelings on the matter. Fiercely independent, Emma struggles to maintain some control of her life while she indulges in the instant attraction they share and dares to tempt the reluctant immortal. The trouble is, being with Kai puts Emma in even more danger. An enemy from his past will stop at nothing for a taste of immortality. Kai is caught between his duty to humanity and his love for Emma.

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