Thursday, November 29, 2018

Thursday's Fourth Scene The Virgo Pisces Connection #MFRWauthor #BWLPublishing #Medical romance

Dave glanced at the clinic’s window and watched the rapid fall of snow. The wind lifted clumps and tossed them against the glass. Sue Lyons, the clinic’s nurse appeared in the doorway. “I’m leaving now. Roads are getting messy. You should go, too.”
“One note to finish. Then I need to stop at the grocery store to pick up my order.”
“Don’t take too long.” She waved. “Good night. I’ll either see you tomorrow or the hours will be cancelled.”
“I figure we’ll be here. Should stop snowing by midnight. The crews will be out clearing the roads.”
“See you.”
He opened the computer and finished the note on the last patient he’d seen. He had just typed the last word and shut down when he heard the outer door close. The click of boots striking the tile floor sounded. He scowled at the woman who approached the desk. “What are you doing here? You have no appointment.”
Laci Smith smiled. Her gaze roved from his face to his chest. “I saw Sue leave and knew you would be alone.” She placed a heart-shaped box of candy on the desk. “My dear doctor, you need a Valentine.”
Her slick, throaty voice slid over the words. She leaned forward so the only thing he saw was her cleavage. His hands tightened. Not you. Not ever. “This isn’t appropriate.” He reached for his tablet. “Take care driving home.”
She ran her tongue over her fleshy lips. “You’re the one to take care. I live in town. With the storm growing stronger, you can stay at my place. I’ll gladly put you up.”
“Not happening.” Dave collected his mail and shoved it in the tablet case. “I have things to do at the Bonnett’s house.”
She turned toward the door. “The time will come. I always get my way.”
“Not this time.” Dave shook his head. “Maybe my sister’s kids will enjoy the candy. She and her children will be staying with me until I leave.” At least he hoped they would. That might prevent any more inappropriate advances.
As soon as the outer door closed, he pulled on his parka and gloves. He grabbed the tablet case and glared at the candy. He couldn’t leave it, especially since they’d recently had the exterminator in for the discovery of several mice. The rule was no food left in the clinic overnight.
He walked to the car and drove to the grocery to pick up his order and his dinner. During the two mile drove to his borrowed housing, he drove cautiously. Took him nearly a half hour. Mostly the wind was behind but the gusts pulled snow from bushes and trees to occasionally obscure the view from the windshield.
As he pulled into the driveway, the motion sensor light flashed and temporarily blinded him. He would have to check the angle tomorrow. The violent winds must have alternated the light’s position. After carrying the groceries, tablet and candy inside. He brewed a cup of coffee and carried the mug and the sub from the grocery store into the living room. He settled on the couch and reached for the letter he wanted to read. He glanced toward the large picture window. Snow fell so heavily so only when the wind gusted could he see through rents in the curtain of white flakes.
What? He jumped to his feet and ran to the window. Were those headlights he saw heading toward the house?

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