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Wednesday Hooking Murder and Sweet Tea #MFRWBookHooks #MFRWauthor #Cozy mystery

Murder and Sweet Tea (Mrs Miller Mysteries Book 6)

Join Katherine Miller as she meets her new neighbor, a young writer who has hit it big. Why are some people wishing for their share?

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Lars is her new husband. He loves Katherine but doesn’t understand why she’s always trying to protect her near and dear. Even though she saved his life while visiting him in Santa Fe, he often questions her involvement in other people’ lives.

Into their lives arrives a new neighbor, Sabrina Gates. Sabrina bought the house next door. She has had a phenomenal success as a new author but moes from her past and present threaten her peace and ability to write. There is the blogger who posts snide and not so nice posts about other authors. Sabrina’s former agent wants a share of the huge amount of money Sabrina has received for a trilogy. And there is her ex-husband, a needy greedy coward who wants money.

Above all there is Robespierre who makes his presence known.


When we reached the Dutch Colonial, I rang the doorbell.
My new neighbor opened the door. She was beautiful and blonde. I had expected blue eyes but hers were a brilliant green. “Hello, I’m Katherine Claybourne from next-door and this is my granddaughter, Megan. We would like to welcome you to the neighborhood. I handed her the basket.
“How lovely of y’all. Reminds me of home. I so wondered about my neighbors.” She paused. “Oh, I’m Sabrina Gates.”
Her smile warmed me. I felt an instant connection. I turned to leave. “Once you’re settled we’ll visit again.”
She shifted the basket. “Why wait? I’m dying for a break. Why don’t y’all come in?”
“If it’s no bother.”
We stepped into a central foyer with stairs leading to the second floor. On one side double doors opened into the living room. On the other side a hall led past a small room, a powder room and into the kitchen.
Sabrina placed the basket on the table. Like a child opening a birthday present, she pulled out the jars and read the labels.
Megan climbed onto a chair. “Grandma Kate make some really good cookies.”
Sabrina’s laughter filled the room. “Would you like one of the really good cookies?”
Megan looked at me and I nodded. “One.”
She turned to Sabrina. “She say one. I’m four and gonna be five when I get my birthday. How old are you?”
“Not a polite question,” I said.
“Oh, do you have any children?”
“I don’t but I do like children.”
“My daddy like them, too. He makes pictures. Him needs a girlfriend.”
I hid a grin. Was the child match-making?
Sabrina finished her exploration of the tea jars. She selected one. “I’ll brew a pot of this one.” She had chosen pekoe and peppermint. She took a pinch and sniffed. “Smells great. I just finished making sugar syrup for sweet tea.”
“Sweet tea?” I looked around the room. The walls had been painted off white, the same color as the ones in the foyer and the hall. Were all the rooms the same color?
“Sweet tea’s a Southern thing. You’ll see.” She put water to heat and filled a tea ball with leaves from her selection. While the water heated, she examined the banana bread. “This will make great breakfasts with cream cheese. She pulled a large jar of clear liquid from the refrigerator and hung the tea ball on the side of a pitcher. When the water boiled, she poured it into the brewing pitcher, waited for the water to color and then added the syrup and ice.
“I read your first book. Well-written and held my attention to the end. I’m waiting for a copy of your second to be available at the library.”
“Wait a minute. She dashed from the room and soon returned with two books. “Now you won’t have to wait. What is your name?”

“Katherine or just Kate.” She signed both books and handed them to me.” Thank you.”

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Kryssie Fortune said...

Megan's so sweet. I love the little on'es attempt at matchmaking. I really hope it comes true for her.

Kayelle Allen said...

Aww... that's so sweet!

Daryl Devoré said...

Great excerpt and the little one is perfect.