Saturday, November 4, 2017

Saturday's Blurbs features Books by Ronald Ady Crouch #MFRWauthor #Suspense #police

O’Malley’s Cottage …
“I don’t think my sister has told me everything that’s been going on up there. I’m going to remain at the hospital. Duncan’s coming back to O’Malley’s Cottage for the night, what’s left of it. He can bring Emma over later in the day. I wasn’t really taking in everything Constable Richards was telling me on the phone. I want to know every little detail about what was going on at O’Malley’s Cottage that resulted in my sister being in intensive care.”

The Weatherman …
There are two worlds in the world of policing. The world of everyday life. It’s like an old carpet spread out across the city. Some areas remain thick and rich and colourful. Other areas are worn and threadbare, just like the people living there. But underneath is another world altogether, of despicable human beings, of misery and untold acts of savagery and cruelty. It is where you will find Dante’s Inferno. Behind the sweet-smelling hydrangeas, Satan had been sadistically busy. 

Sunrise …
And yet there it was, a rope thicker than the average man’s thumb tied off around the base of a nearby tree, the remainder coiled neatly beside it. At the other end was a single metal pulley. Running through the pulley wheel and back down to the base of the tree, where it had been secured was another similar rope. Dangling at the other end of it like a stationary bungee jumper, the body of a man.

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Rosemary Morris said...

Thank you for sharing these powerful extracts.

By the way, are hydrangeas where you live scented? Mine are not.