Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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Murder and Bitter Tea (Mrs. Miller Mysteries Book 4)

Mrs. Miller goes undercover as a nurse in an exclusive nursing home to discover why all the recent deaths.

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Katherine’s newest tenant is estranged from her family and is the granddaughter of one of Katherine’s friends. When her friend falls and fractures her hip, the elderly woman is taken to Hudson House nursing home, an exclusive house. 

Katherine’s friend becomes concerned about several recent and unexpected deaths. When she dies Katherine’s curiosity and suspicions send her undercover as a nurse. Soon she’s deeply involved. 

Can she learn who is behind the scheme to end the lives of wealthy patients without becoming a victim?


Later that evening as I enjoyed a mug of tea, I heard someone at the door. “Who’s there?”
“Jenna. Can I talk to you?”
I opened the door. Her eyes were red from crying, but her posture telegraphed anger. “What happened?”
“Gran is fine. Awake and alert.” Jenna sank on one of the kitchen chairs. “Uncle Marcus dragged me from the room and told the private duty nurse I wasn’t allowed to visit again. I saw Gran for a moment. The nurse followed me down the hall and said Gran had come through surgery with no problems. Why is he so mean?”
“I wish I knew.” I filled a mug for her. “I’ll visit tomorrow and keep you posted. You can always call her.”
“And have him remove her phone.” She sampled the tea. “What really happened?  He said the accident was your fault.”
“She wanted to tell me something, but he was rushing her. When they started down the steps, she pulled away, slipped and fell. I don’t understand your uncle. Why would he lie?”
“Maybe to make trouble between us. Won’t happen.” She smiled. “Did Sophie really rush off to lunch?”
“She did.”
“One of the diners at the restaurant laughed about her haste. Shows her priorities.”

“My very thought. I’ve always known social climbing was her forte. The oldest daughter offered to stay, but Marcus sent her with her mother.”


Kayelle Allen said...

Hmmm the plot thickens with this uncle info...

Anonymous said...

So why is someone after a little old lady?

Holly Bargo said...

Sounds like an interesting read

Barbara White Daille said...

Sounds like a little slice of Murder She Wrote with Jessica in the role of nurse! Love it.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Sounds complicated...