Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - The five story elements in use #MFRWAuthor #Writing #story elements

Before you write the book you need to organise your five story elements into a statement and question. Many thanks to Dwight V. Swain for this little trick. I'm still learning how to mke this work completely but it really shows you where the story is going. Since the book I'm working on now is a romance, I do two of these since that helps me put the characters into focus.

I'll do Caleb's since I believe he has the most to gain.

Character Caleb Winstone MD.
Situation - He's returned home to begin his practice as a pediatrician.
Objective To avoid his family's decision that he should marry Regina Bishop.
Opponent Suzanna Rollins the woman he hurt and angered.
Disaster She has also arrived in town to begin as the nurse manager of the Pediatric Unit

So now what
When Caleb Winstone MD returns to his hometown to begin his practice as a pediatrician he finds his wealthy parents have chosen his bride, Regina Bishop, a woman he doesn't like and also the woman he wanted Suzanna Rollins, is the new nurse manager of the Pediatric Unit.

How can he fight his parents mechanizations, Regina's willingness and convince Suzanna he was a fool and she is the woman he wants in his life?

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J.Q. Rose said...

Thanks for this idea, Janet. This could be an exercise in helping to write the synopsis for a book too.