Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wednesday - What plot is.

More coming on Plot. Many writers I know think they draw great characters and do nice situations and scenes but they aren't sure they have a plot. I thought I'd look at some things about waht a plot really is. I always say a plot is just a plat, a roadmap that takes the writer from the initial impact of the characters through the twists and turns of the middle to the end of the road where all is wrapped up and tied with a bow.

1. A plot is a plan and has a structure. Beginning, middle, end.

2. Plot is like the skeleton seen in anatomy labs or shown at Halloween.

3. Plot is a force that drives the story.

4. Plot is a process, or a becoming rather than something objectified.

5. Plot is drama. It doesn't just sit there and wait for something to happen.

6. Plot is a riddle. There is always something to solve, some goal to obtain or a lesson to be learned. Finding the reasons for these move the plot forward.

7. Plot is filled with surprises. Things unplanned can often happen and though the writer knows the destination getting there can change.

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