Monday, November 14, 2011

14 November - Contest rules. Week behind and week ahead. Peeve

Again the contest rules. Starting on December 1st one copy of each of the books listed yesterday will be given away. If more than one person selects a particular book another one will be substituted. Th enter.
1. Visit the blog.
2. Leave a comment with how to reach you - email is enough.
3. If one of the books tickles your fance, mention it.
4. A drawing will be held each day of the contest until the last of the 27 books are awarded.
5. Books will be sent to US and Canadian members

Last week I reached the 60% goal on The Chosen of Horu the second in the ancient Egypt alternate world stories. The story is moving forward and I finally have the ending in the proper sequence.

This week I intend to move ahead, hoping to reach my goal of chapters revised. My next story is beginning to simmer but I've learned even though a new story beckons finishing the one you're working on should be the priority unless there's something wrong with the story you're working on. For me, one at a time is what I must do.

This week's peeve is rather minor but I often wonder why people join a group andthen don't come to the meetings or even do much as far as participating. Are they there just to be able to say they belogn? Is it because as writers, they believe the members of their group will buy their books? Puzzles em.

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