Monday, November 7, 2011

7 November - Contest, Peeve. Week behind and week ahead

December is the month for giving. During the month I'll be giving away print copies of the 27 books I have available in print. Most of them are also available electronically. For those who are interested, they can go back and look through the blog to see the possibilty. I will start the draw on the first of December and continue until the 27th day of the month. One book a day. If there are any that particularly interest you, a mention of it in the blog post will help. Also I will need a way to get in touch with you so some clue as to your email addy will help. The followers of my blog may be the ones first chosen since it's nice to give gifts to friends even though they're not meant. One of these Mondays I'll list all the book titles. Though I wish I could send them all over the world I'll limit the ones sent to the United States and Canada as often sending books to other countries costs more in postage than the book sells for. Wish life were different. So to qualify, either become a member of this blog or leave a note on one of the posts saying you'd like a chance to have one of the books as a gift and leave a clue as to how I can reach you. I'll collect the names and then begin drawing on December 1st.

Peeve 4 - Maybe not really a peeve, but just an observation. Since 1998 I've been electronically published. When I began this adventure the negative remarks I received from fellow writers were hurtful but I knew I was doing the right thing for myself as an author. Some of my books are a bit outside the traditional genre guidelines. But I went with the flow and made some money, not a lot but money wasn't the reason I write. I write because I must. Now with the advent of the electronic readers now electronic publishing has become the thing. Guess back those many years ago, my choice was right for me.

Week behind - am now 51% done with The Chosen of Horu. Have half the chapters to make right. One of my problems is making sure the setting gets in there. I tend to leave this out when I'm doing the flow of the story and running my characters through the plot.

This week coming I intend to have another part of the story headed in the right direction.

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